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JB moves WA office to Henderson

JB Tooltech WA has recently moved to new premises in Henderson to be closer to our customer base.


The area has a unique blend of heavy industrial, ship building, & mining customers which allows us to spend more time with our target audience which enables us to service our customers more efficiently.

New services such as hire and calibration will ensure a quicker turnaround for our customers.

To discuss your needs contact Sanjay Kumar on 0404 107 493 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Losomat Gate Valve Application

 Engineers & Operators all agree -  The Losomat gate valve handwheel actuation tools is the safest & most efficient way to open.close valves. 


  • Muscle strains from excessive exertion to actuate tight valves
  • Crush/impact injuries by removing the need for “cheater bars”
  • Muscle strains from fatigue while actuating high ratio valves
  • Excessive exertion & fatigue injuries from awkward to access valves



  • Quicker isolations, shorter maintenance activity duration, less downtime
  • Potentially avoid valve change outs through more effective in-situ greasing
  • Quick & easy preventative stroking of manual valves