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frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have offices outside of Melbourne?

A: Yes we have offices in WA, SA, Vic, NSW, & Qld.

Q: What is the range of torque tools you supply?

A: 1 Nm through to 78,000 Nm

Q: I have a requirement to do up flange bolts. Are you able to tell me the sequence and the load required?

A: Yes there is flange management software available. All you need to do is enter the data and the program will give you the pressure's required.

Q: Is there breathing air fittings available?

A:Yes Cejn have the most extensive range of pneumatic/hydraulic & breathing air couplings & fittings in the world.

Q: Have you come across turn of the nut/angle control?

A: Yes we have measuring equipment and fastening equipment capable of measuring and recording the angle.

Q: How does a hydraulic tensioner work?

A: This simple answer is hydraulic pressure is applied to a stud, it stretches the stud and this nut is tightened while the load is being applied.

Q: I want to use pneumatic tools, however I'm not sure what pressure & volume I need to run tools?

A: Just contact one of our represenatives in your area and we can work it out for you.

Q: Do you look at my application on site at my factory?

Yes we have trained industrial skilled technicians that will come out and advise you on your specific requirements.

Q: I need my equipment tested, certified and repaied if required?

A: Yes, we have an extensive workshop, range of spare parts and a calibration facility available close to you.

Q: I am looking for a special purpose machine built, can you help?

A: Yes, we will work with you from concept to completion, a total turnkey solution.

Q: What are your hire rates per day?

A: A Good question. This depends on your requirements, we can tailor a solution for short, medium, and long term hire so as the term increases on the hire, the price will be reduced dramatically.

Q: What is the time frame on your deliveries?

A: Thats a good question. We can turn around orders in 1-2 days in most cases.

Q: Where do you keep your stock?

A: Our main warehouse is located in Melbourne, however we do keep stock in our WA and NSW warehouses.

Q: How much do you charge for freight?

A: For small items we charge $20 plus GST for an overnight Toll airbag. For larger consignments we quote the actual costs using road freight. You do have the option to use your own freight company.