Our Vision: To encourage and guide change, instil values of integrity and empathy, and exceed society’s expectations on culture and the environment. We are collectively developing technology and innovation to be the leading solution providers to the industrial sector.

Our Mission: Provide complete solutions using enabling technologies to encourage best practices for the industrial sector.

Our Core Values:

  • Pursue personal and professional development
  • Contribute equally to the team
  • Be innovative
  • Be relationship orientated
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Provide effective solutions

JB Tooltech is an Australian based company which operates nationally and we have our own staff and/or offices in all the mainland states of Australia.

The roots of JB Tooltech can be traced back to a small specialty electrical distribution business started in 1947. From these humble beginnings, J&B Sales was formed in 1967 to focus on the marketing of industrial power tools and related products to the Automotive Assembly market. In 2007, J&B Sales was rebranded JB Tooltech to better reflect the nature of our business.Today, JB Tooltech supplies premium quality control bolting equipment to all industries. We pride ourselves on turnkey solutions and total customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale. Our brands include and are not limited to Boltight, Torcup, Losomat, Uryu, Tohnichi, Wespro, Muromoto, Nagahori, Cejn, Aimco, Nile, Scorpion Jacks, Powerteam, Sen-ai, Tigon, and Acradyne. We have a broad range of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, cordless and Manual Tools that can torque-fasten from 0.1Nm to 82,000Nm.

We aim to be the most innovative, relationship orientated, knowledgeable and effective solutions providers of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, cordless and manual torque fastening tools, pneumatic power tools and ancillary products to the Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Rail, Wind, Industrial, automotive and assembly manufacturing industries in Australia.

Our staff are experienced industry specialists who are always accessible, and through consultancy, are responsive to our customers needs. We are committed to quality and providing our customers with the most effective solution to suit the specific application. We offer full training and support, as well as service, calibration and repair facilities for all our products.

JB Tooltech always strives to provide the correct solution for our customer and wherever possible provide them with a fast, safe, accurate and flexible tool that gives them productivity gains they are after.

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